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Links (click on the images) to various resources for anyone interested in particular films, and how & where film is shown by film societies, independent cinemas and mixed arts venues. We will probably be adding a few more over time.

There are a number of national & regional bodies which support both film-making and film exhibition in the UK, and the funding role which used to be that of the UK Film Council has now been taken up by the British Film Institute (BFI). Some of the sites we link to have much more comprehensive sets of links than those we suggest here.

Film Information

Film Organisations

We have already mentioned the British Film Institute, from whom we hire many of the films we show, but here are some of the others which are of particular significance to film societies -

Invaluable 'One-Man' Sites

There used to be two excellent sites run by individuals that offered a wealth of information (and lots more links!) - one has now sadly been retired, but Peter Knight's quirky but wonderfully informative site contimues.

If you know of any other 'one-man' sites that we should be linking to, please let us know by emailing -

Other Film Societies

The film society movement encourages co-operation between neighbouring societies, and we have reciprocal admission arrangements with Slough and Woking.

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